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Here at RISE UP, we are a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to providing training opportunities and career pathways for our disadvantaged and/or displaced Kiwi youth across Aotearoa. The goal is to raise as much funding as possible, which will be allocated to helping to get these youth, who typically have not had the opportunities to work due to historic (or current) circumstances, skills-based training programs & scholarships.

Across Aotearoa, our most ‘at risk’ demographic includes those who are currently unemployed and aged 17 - 24yrs. Whether they are Māori, Pasifika or Pakeha and irrespective of gender, our goal is to break the cycle of inequity. No youth should ever face such disadvantages no matter their background.

Rish or poor – every youth in New Zealand has the right to a happy life!

RISE UP Foundation is a registered charitable entity (CC62268) and has full IRD Donee Organisation Status.



To raise funds to advance education and facilitate a range of skills-based training programs to help increase the number of youth in work


Identification of educational and career focused programs that will provide our youth with the confidence to find work in industry categories that they would typically never have thought they would have a chance in


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Our mission, which is really our approach,
is best summed up as the following:

    To increase awareness of youth inequity (between advantaged and disadvantaged) across Aotearoa.  When it comes to education, our aim is to reduce this gap.

    Through dedicated effort and work, help in the elimination of youth unemployment and introduce tried and proven ways of improving mental health and wellbeing amongst our most vulnerable population

    Make parents, society and government take responsibility for their part in this national issue

    To fund the facilitation of skills-based training programs and scholarships to provide better career pathways for all youth



    The unemployment rate of young New Zealanders is three times the national average and the ratio between New Zealand’s youth and our national unemployment rate is higher than many OECD countries.  

    Young people play a vital role in the labour force, but data shows that they experience much higher unemployment rates than people aged 25-64 and the overall population.  

    Since the early 2000s, the unemployment rate of the 15–24 age group has been approximately three to four times that of the 25–64 age group and usually over two-and-a-half times that of the overall working-age population.

    Young Māori and Pasifika people have consistently had higher unemployment rates than young European people. The youth unemployment rates are 7.8 percent for European, 15.5 percent for Māori, 11.2 percent for Pacific and 9.6 percent for Asian groups.

    Accessibility to tertiary education has been more challenging for Māori & Pasifika youth, with lower numbers of graduates completing their diplomas or degrees in subjects undertaken.  Our goal is to bridge the gap and to provide better career opportunities through the delivery of skills-based training programs and scholarships.



    Kevin Moultrie

    Track Record:

    • Founder – RISE UP Foundation Limited (New Zealand)
    • Founder - FAB TO BE FIT Foundation Limited (Australia)
    • Founder – TRANSFORM-US Fitness for Kids (New Zealand & Australia)

    Kevin has 15 years’ experience creating and delivering structured educational, physical activity & nutrition programs for children and youth aged 5-24yrs. His focus is on delivering efficacious and proven programs that tackle mental health, suicide and obesity across the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.  In Australia, TRANSFORM-US Fitness for Kids has been a pre-eminent provider of PE based programs into the public, catholic and independent education systems across NSW, not to mention the programs he has also delivered to patients through the NDIS Scheme and via Occupational Therapy facilities that are in need of programs for children and youth suffering debilitating conditions.

    Kevin is also a two time Guinness World Record holder, putting together a team of endurance cyclists, breaking the World Record for 'Longest Indoor Spin Class' in September 2019 and then again in January 2022.  He has used the learning experiences from putting together these events, to speak at functions and other motivational and team building events, focused on today's youth.

    For further enquiries on our foundation please contact

    0508-RISEUP 0508 747387